Student Poster Abstracts

First place poster prize: $350

Supply chain designs for cellulosic ethanol: A Study of Mississippi

Ambarish Acharya, Mississippi State University

Second place poster prize: $200

Biomass to fuels: Upgrading of Pyroligneos fraction of bio-oil to Second-generation bio-fuels

Sanjeev Kumar Gajjela, Mississippi State University

Third place poster prize: $100

Study of the reactions of methanol and other alcohols with hydroxyacetaldehyde in bio-oil

Priyanka Bhattacharya, Mississippi State University

Kinetic analysis of grignard metathesis polymerization of poly(3-hexylthiophene)

Brandon C. Achord, University of Southern Mississippi

Lipase catalized solid state reactions

Pirro Cipi, University of Southern Mississippi

Dilute acid pretreatment of biomass for enhancement of anhydrosugar production by fast pyrolysis

Qi Li, Mississippi State University

Production of a bio-based greenhouse medium from co-composting of TimTek process water and wood waste

Lauren Mangum, Mississippi State University

Investigation of pH and char particles on bio-oil aging reactions

Caitlin D. Naske, Mississippi State University

Overproduction of poly-Β-hydroxybutyrate in Azotobacter vinelandii mutant with ArrF gene deletion

Rajkumar Pyla

Synthesis and characterization of bioplastics from 1,3-propanedio, malonic acid, and itaconic acid

Matthew D. Rowe, Mississippi State University

Fiber separation from ground corn flour using a combination of sieving and air classification

Kaleb Smith

Core/shell nanoparticles for organic photovoltaic devices

James H. Whittemore IV, University of Southern Mississippi