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6th Annual Southern Bioproducts and Renewable Energy Conference

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Monday, April 16

1:00-6:00 Registration

1:00-5:00 Exhibit Set-Up

2:00-5:00 Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs’ Workshop

“Company Formation” Dr. Randy Goldsmith

President and CEO, Mississippi Technology Alliance, Ridgeland, Mississippi

“Fund Raising for Projects” Dr. Steve Bares

President and Executive Director, Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Memphis, Tennessee

“Fundable Deals and New Market Tax Credits” Cliff Kenwood

Principal, Rebirth Capital, LLC., New Orleans, Louisiana

5:00-6:30 Networking Reception& Exhibits

Tuesday, April 17

7:00-8:00 Continental Breakfast

7:00-5:00 Registration

8:00-11:00 General Session

Session Chair: Sumesh Arora, Director, Strategic Biomass Initiative, Mississippi Technology Alliance, Ridgeland, MS

Welcoming Remarks Dr. Lester Spell

Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

“Industry Perspective” Scott Sklar

President, Stella Group, Washington, DC

“Southeastern Perspective” – Jim Clinton – unfortunately cancelled

Executive Director, Southern Growth Policies Board, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

“Bioenergy Activity in the Southwest” Dr. Vimal Desai

Vice President of Research, New Mexico State University, Vice President of Research, Las Cruces, New Mexico


“DOE Bioenergy Pathways” John Scahill

Golden Field Office, U.S. Department of Energy, Golden, Colorado

“ Mississippi as the Energy Hub” Monty Montgomery

Senior Associate Manager, Mississippi Development Authority – Natural Resources, Jackson, Mississippi

“Ethanol Business” Necy Sumait for Kent Larson

Business Development and Corporate Finance, BlueFire Ethanol, Irvine, California

“Plasma Gasification Technology”Dennis Miller

Chief Scientist, Solena Group, Washington, DC

11:00-12:00 Student Poster Session see Student Poster Abstracts

12:00-1:30 Luncheon

“ Cellulosic Biofuels: Current Status and Future Prospects ” - Dr. David Bransby

Professor of Energy Crops and Bioenergy, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

1:30-5:30 Breakout Sessions

Session 1A:Solar and Distributed Energy

1:30-3:15 Session Chair: Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group, Washington, DC

“Solar Lighting” Moneer Azzam

President, Solar One Solutions LLC, Farmington, Massachusetts

“Solar Power Water Purifier” Douglas Washington

Executive Vice President, World Water and Power, Pennington, New Jersey

“Winning Solar Car – How They Did It” Keith Reese

Electrical Instructor and Team Coach, Houston High School, Houston, Mississippi

“Managing the Green Power Switch Program” - Rick Carson/Jim West

Program Manager, Tennessee Valley Authority - Green Power Switch, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

“Application of Combined Heat and Power” Louay Chamra

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

Session 1B: Energy Efficiency, Buildings, and Emergency Power

1:30-3:15 Session Chair: Pete Nelson, Principal, BioDimensions, Memphis, Tennessee

“Need for Backup Power Post Katrina” Jackie Lett

President, Mississippi Association of Broadcasters, Ridgeland, Mississippi

“Power On-Site: Distributed Renewable Energy's Time to Shine Henry Gentenaar

Managing Partner, Reluminati, Washington, DC

“Modernizing Energy Networks for Sustainable Growth ” – Henry Jones

Chief Technology Officer, SmartSynch, Jackson, Mississippi

“Geothermal Heat Pump” Ken Loar

Vice President of Marketing and Sales, ECR Technology, Lakeland, Florida

“Energy Efficiency in Construction using Insulated Concrete Forms”Joe Riddle

Energy Wise Construction Projects, Pass Christian, Mississippi

3:15-3:45 Break

Session 2A: Biofuels

3:45-5:30 Session Chair: Dr. Bill Batchelor, Department Head, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Mississippi State Univerisity, Starkville, Mississippi

“Mississippi Biomass Utilization: University-Based Research and Development Project- A Mississippi Research Consortium Project ” Dr. Clint Williford

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

“Potential Biofuels Project Pitfalls”- Pete Moss

Pete Moss, Frazier Barnes Associates, Memphis, Tennessee

“Conversion of Wastewater Treatment Facilities into Tomorrow’s Biorefineries” - Dr. Todd French

Assistant Research Professor, Chemical Engineering, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

“Ethanol from Different Feedstocks, Limitations and Opportunities”Dr. Brian Baldwin

Associate Professor, Plant and Soil Science, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

“Vehicles Powered by Cellulosic Materials” - Wayne Keith

Alabama Farmer and Logger, Springville, Alabama

Session 2B: Biomass Opportunities and Risks

3:45-5:30 Session Chair: Dr. Liam Leightley, Interim Associate Director & Research Professor, Forest Wildlife Research Center, Mississippi State University

“Economic Impacts of a Renewable Energy Scenario on the Nation and the Southern United States” Burton English

Professor, Agricultural Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

“Potential for Dedicated Energy Crops” Spencer Swayze

Manager of Business Development, Ceres, Inc, Thousand Oaks, California

"State of the Art Review for Distributed Biomass Certification" - Dr. Mark Bricka

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

“Biomass Business in Mississippi, a Personal Perspective ”Brent Brasher

President, KenGro, Charleston, Mississippi

“Biomass To Replace Natural Gas for Hydronic Heating in a Greenhouse

Complex” - Christine Emplaincourt

Assistant Director, Industrial Assessment Center, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

6:00-7:30 Networking Reception & Exhibits

Wednesday, April 18

7:00-8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:00-12:00 General Session

Session Chair: Brent Bailey, State Alliance Team, 25x’25 Initiative

"Framework for a Regional Biomass Industry" - Donna Perla

Acting Director, Office of Environmental Policy Innovation, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

“2007 Farm Bill Energy Title” John Moore

Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Policy Center, Chicago, Illinois

“USDA Renewable Energy Activities and Opportunities” John Rounsaville

State Director, USDA Rural Development, Jackson, Mississippi

“Net Metering Challenges” – Noel Schulz

Associate Professor and TVA Professorship in Power Systems Engineering,Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi


“Funding Opportunities” Bruce Crain

President, Crain Consulting, Jackson, Mississippi

“Go Zone Legislation” Chuck Mobley for Kathy Gelston

Bureau Manager in the Financial Resources Division, Mississippi Development Authority, Jackson, Mississippi

“Digester Protocols/Ethanol/Renewable Energy Industry Funding Opportunities” - David Terry

Executive Director, ASERTTI, Washington, DC

“25x'25 Initiative” David Waide

President, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, Jackson, Mississippi

Conference Wrap-Up Sam Orr

President, Far More Consulting, Jefferson City, Missouri