Dr. Sandun Fernando

Dr. Fernando’s area of expertise is Bioenergy. Dr. Fernando’s research is focused on catalytic production of liquid and gaseous fuels and chemicals production from integrated biorefineries. His current projects include solid catalysts development for biodiesel production; hydrogen and other chemical production from biorefinery feedstock; and new uses for glycerin.

Dr. Fernando’s glycerin research team currently focuses on two main projects: 1) Development of glycerin ethers as potential oxygenates to gasoline and 2) Production of electricity from direct glycerol fuel cells. He expects to talk about both the progress of both these research fronts during his conference presentation.

Since October 2003, Dr. Fernando has served as Assistant Professor in Bioenergy at the Department of Agricultural an Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University. He has a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering (2003) and an MS in Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.