Milton R. Copulos

For more than three decades, Milton R. Copulos has been a prominent figure in national political circles. He served as a Cabinet-level advisor in the Bush and Reagan Administrations, working closely with the Secretaries of Defense, Energy, Interior and Commerce, as well as the Director of Central Intelligence. While working for the Executive Office of the President in the White House, he authored a number of important studies including the National Critical MineralsReport and Advanced Materials Program Plan, and the DOE’s assessment of the Soviet natural resource base, as well as a number of classified documents. He was an advisor on energy to the Secretary of Defense for the Defense Industrial Base Initiative and the principal consultant to the Department of Defense on the Defense Environment Initiative. Copulos is considered one of the nation’s leading energy economists and an expert in the field of military logistics as they apply to energy use. DOD has used his studies in the area of energy alternatives as training materials for military officers responsible for matters related to energy and transportation.

Copulos was responsible for designing the first DOD alternative fuel vehicle program utilizing natural gas at Washington, D.C.’s Anacostia Naval Station. The Department of Energy currently cites his study of the defense and economic costs of foreign oil imports as the authoritative source in its Transportation Energy Data Book.

His study of the comparative economic costs of alternative fuels is considered the most comprehensive examination of these factors to date, and his book “ America’s Achilles Heel, the Hidden Cost of Imported Oil” has become a staple among energy researchers.

Copulos was a member of the National Petroleum Council, the nation’s highest advisory body on matters related to oil and natural gas for twelve years; serving on its finance committee for eight.

As a prominent expert on natural resources, national defense and international politics, Copulos is frequently called upon to lecture at prominent academic institutions around the nation. He has been a visiting lecturer at MIT and the Maryland University’s Graduate School of Nuclear Engineering. He was also selected as faculty for the prestigious Salzburg Seminar in American Studies sponsored by Harvard University and is also the only individual to be asked to deliver the prestigious “Management Classics” lecture at the University of Dallas twice.

Copulos has published more than 900 articles, books and monographs. His writing has appeared in such prominent national news media as The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune. He is also a frequent contributor to periodicals such as Insight Magazine, VFW Magazine and Regulation Magazine. His book “Energy Perspectives” was a Washington Post nonfiction best seller, and for four years he wrote a nationally syndicated column on energy and environmental issues distributed by the Heritage Features Syndicate. He also has appeared on nationally broadcast news and information programs including FOX News Network’s “FOX andFriends”, CNN’s “Crossfire”, and “War Room with Wolf Blitzer” as well as local broadcasts for major network affiliates. During the Afghanistan War he was an on-air military analyst for MSNBC.

An internationally recognized expert in foreign affairs, Copulos has met with many foreign leaders. A veteran of two tours of duty in Vietnam, Copulos was awarded the Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medals and The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm and Vietnam Civic Honor Action Medal,, as well as five battle stars. He is a graduate of The American University in Washington, D.C. and lives in Crofton, Maryland. He was also a member of the four-person panel that selected the sculpture added to the Vietnam Veterans memorial.