Dr. Kurt Rosentrater

Dr. Kurt Rosentrater, a Bioprocess Engineer, is a Lead Scientist with the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, at the North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory in Brookings, SD, where he is spearheading an initiative to develop value-added uses for coproduct and residue streams resulting from biofuel manufacturing operations. His expertise is in Value-Added Product Development, Alternative Recycling and Reprocessing Strategies for Food and Organic Waste Streams, Modeling and Simulation of Food and Organic Processing Systems, Economic Modeling, Physical and Chemical Characterization Methods, and Plant Layout, Material Handling, Unit Operations, and Process Design. Through his research, he has investigated physical, nutritional, and chemical properties of corn masa processing byproduct streams and swine slaughterhouse blood and blood components, and has developed value-added livestock feed applications for these waste streams by utilizing laboratory and pilot-scale extrusion processing techniques. Additionally, he has developed advanced computer models to simulate process and economic factors to aid the food industry in pursuing value-added recycling/reprocessing alternatives. He is formerly an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, in the Department of Engineering and Industrial Technology, where he taught in the areas of research methods, manufacturing systems, engineering mechanics, and design. While in industry, he was responsible for process and equipment design as well as plant and site layout for large-scale agri-industrial facilities, including grain, feed, flour, petfood, and biodiesel manufacturing plants.